We’re inviting organisations to join us at the Fifth Conference of Research Software Engineering and work in partnership with the conference committee to create another great conference for the worldwide RSE Community.

Getting involved with the RSE movement is a straightforward, perfect opportunity to promote your products, services and make new contacts with research software engineers, including the leaders and decision makers (present and future) at our purpose built conference for RSEs.

By associating yourself with the flagship RSE Conference, you will have the opportunity to raise awareness about how your products and services are vital to their work, gain connections and trust within the RSE community.

Our conference is a dedicated event for RSEs where they can find their community,  learn about new products, gain new skills in workshops, build their network and have plenty of time to discuss best practice.

Every year since 2016, tickets have sold out and this year we’re expecting 400 delegates spanning from early career to experienced RSEs and RSE Leaders: the decision makers for services and products to be used in their Universities or research institutes.

For RSECon2020 we’re providing similar packages to last year and they can be viewed here:





If you would like to work with us to create a custom sponsorship package or you are a non-profit, open source organisation or foundation, please get in touch with Claire Wyatt, the Sponsorship Chair ([email protected]) for other packages.

Sponsor Giveaways and our Planet

This year, we’re trying to go greener. We have decided to help the planet by no longer providing a delegate tote bag at registration. Sponsors are very welcome to give away branded items from their stands and we ask that sponsors keep plastic to a minimum. If you’d like to spoil our delegates, offering really useful giveaways made from eco friendly materials is always a big hit!

A few examples would be eco-friendly notebooks, ecocups, cloth bags, chocolate, items made from biodegradable or recycled materials like pens etc, seed bombs for bees, virtual swag like vouchers for some time using a service or a discount on a service, wooden products. This is not an exhaustive list.

To save on paper, we’re proposing to place any leaflets usually placed in the registration bag or on your stands, on the conference website as a pdf (or in whatever format you prefer) and point all our delegates to these pages before and after the conference. We would ask that you don’t bring leaflets to the conference.

How it works

Sponsors can choose one Big Ticket Item plus they receive a workshop/talk (depending on the package chosen), exhibition location, passes and organisation publicity.

Packages and the Big Ticket Items will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

How to apply

To discuss the packages and secure your choice, contact Claire Wyatt, Sponsorship Chair, directly by email or phone.

Email: [email protected]                          Phone: 02380 599692

Quick Look Details

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